Use Cases Lead-to-Account

  • Importing a list of Accounts with Email Domains

    Once Lead-to-Account Matching has been implemented, it is common for customers to then want to source and import into Salesforce a list of all Accounts within their total addressable market (TAM). Most common data sources we see include DiscoverOrg, ZoomInfo, Clearbit, and LinkedIn.

    Why import all TAM Accounts?

    There are a few different reasons to import all TAM Accounts into Salesforce that can dramatically improve the productivity and effectiveness of your marketing and sales teams:

    1. Imported Accounts will have accurate and complete data (Company Name, Email Domain, Employees, Industry, HQ Address, etc)
    2. Leads already in Salesforce will match to Accounts
    3. Account Owner is much easier to update and maintain than Lead Owner
    4. With more Accounts, a higher percentage of new Leads will match to an existing Account and be properly routed to the right Salesforce user
    5. Lead forms can be shortened as matched Leads can be enriched with Account data
    6. With accurate and complete data on Lead, marketing can be more effective with nurturing
    7. Sales and marketing can better execute on an account-based strategy

    How to properly import a list of TAM Accounts with email domains

    Use your preferred method of importing records into Salesforce (ie Data Loader) make sure you set the following:

    • Map all the Account fields in your CSV to Account field in Salesforce
    • On Account, Email Domain(s) will include the email domain (ie
      • Be sure to include the "@" sign
    • On Account, Lock Account will be equal to TRUE
      • Since Accounts are being imported without Contacts, in order to "lock" the value in the Email Domain(s) field, Lock Account needs to be equal to TRUE.

    Last Updated: March 5, 2021 at 4:47 PM ET

  • Send Email Notification when a Lead Matches an Account

    In this video we walk through how to set up a notification email to the Lead Owner when Lead-to-Account matches a Lead to an Account.

    Last Updated: March 5, 2021 at 4:55 PM ET