Article Account-Based is About Focus

If you're thinking about Account-Based Marketing and Sales, it probably means the following:

  1. You can define a good fit account
  2. You can define the right personas within those accounts

So, why do you insist on counting leads that don't fall into #1 and #2 towards your MQL goal? Why are you wasting valuable resources by passing these "MQLs" to your sales team for follow up? Why are you wondering why your conversion rates are low?

I know what you're thinking, "But they could buy!"

You are right, they could buy, but there is a cost.

  • The 5 calls and 5 emails by your sales development rep costed the company $50.
  • The discovery call with an Account Executive and Sales Engineer – another $300.

But more importantly are the opportunity costs.

  • What if your SDR booked a meeting with the right persona in an ideal account?
  • What if your AE was focused on progressing a deal vs taking the discovery call?
  • What if your SE spend the time making an existing customer more successful?

Now let's assume they do buy...

  • Most likely it will be a smaller deal with a higher cost to support that churns quicker than average.

All this because a marketer passed an "MQL" they shouldn't have.

Going Account-Based means focusing. Focusing on the right personas in the right accounts at the right time that will maximize revenue.

It's okay to not pass an inbound "MQL." The sales team will thank you.

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