Simple, Yet Powerful Marketing Attribution For Salesforce

We craft simple, intuitive Salesforce applications to help B2B RevOps teams support sales and marketing with scalable, predictable growth.

Why our Attribution is Superior

Getting B2B marketing attribution right is a complex challenge. We've crafted a simple, intuitive attributon solution that won't consume all your time or break the bank.

Native Salesforce Attribution uses standard Salesforce Campaigns. This means you have full control over your data, can utilize Salesforce reports and dashboards, and our solution will integrate seamlessly with your marketing automation platform.
Many Models
We support all the leading attribution models including First Touch, Last Touch, Equal Weight, Time Decay, and U-Shaped. Can't decide which model is best for your business? Run multiple models as each model gives you additional insight and perspective on campaign performance.
Apply Retroactively
Already using Salesforce Campaigns? Or maybe you have CSV files and lists in your marketing automation platform? Attribution can apply our attribution models on your existing data, which means you get value on Day 1 of implementing our solution.
Account-Based and Opportunity-Based
Do you have large enterprise deals and your sales team diligently attaches contacts to opportunities? Opportunity-based attribution is for you! Or maybe you have a transactional sale and/or your sales team doesn't attached contacts to opportunities? In this case, account-based attribution is what you're after!
Opportunity Value and Lifetime Value
With Attribution we make it easy to apply attribution weights against the opportunity amount and/or the lifetime value of the account giving you an accurate, complete picture of how your campaigns contributed to pipeline and revenue.
Sourced, Accelerated, and Influenced
Want to understand all touchpoints before an opportunity is created? Use sourced attribution. Want to know all touchpoints after an opportunity is created? Use accelerated attribution? Or maybe you want to know all touchpoints of the full buying journey? Use influenced attribution.
Salsforce AppExchange

100% Native Salesforce Application Attribution is a 100% Native Salesforce application available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Why is does this matter?

Full Transparency
Easy to follow all touchpoints and the customer buying journey right in Salesforce.
Salesforce Reports
Pre-built Salesforce reports and dashboards that you're already familiar with.
Unlimited Users
We don't charge per user login. Anyone with a Salesforce license has access.
Data Security
Your Salesforce data isn't transmitted or stored. Data stays in Salesforce - a win for your security team!
No Data Syncs
Being a native Salesforce app it means there is no complex syncing or data mapping.
No API Calls
Since your data stays in Salesforce, it means no API calls so you don't have to worry about hitting limits.

Trusted by The Fastest Growing Companies

We are proud and honored to have the following companies as our customers.

Abnormal Security
Wolters Kluwer

Implement in Less than 1 Hour!

The combination of being native Salesforce, ability to apply attribution retroactively, out-of-the-box models, and our pre-built Salesforce reports and dashboards means you can be up and running in as little as 1 hour!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does implementation typically take?
We can often install and fully configure Attribution in less than 30 minutes. However, we recommend planning on an hour to be up and running!
Is there a free trial?
Yes! We highly encourage you to start a free trial. We are the only attribution solution to offer a free trial. Why? Our easy of implementation and ability to apply attribution retroactively make it a no-brainer once you see it live.
Can a trial be extended beyond 7 days?
Yes! We are happy to extend the trial beyond 7 days as long as you are working with a member of the team to prove out the value of Attribution.
Why does it cost a fraction of your competition?
We get this question a lot. Being native Salesforce it means we don't have the infrastructure costs of our competitors. We've also dramatically innovated in our go-to-market, so we pass those cost savings on to you!
Is Attribution SOC2 certified?
Being a native Salesforce application it means we don't store of transmit your Salesforceforce data, so you get all the security of Salesforce, which is SOC2 certified.
What does an organization-wide license mean?
An organization-wide license means every user in your Salesforce orgnaization is licensed for Attribution. We don't believe in complex, expensive user-based pricing.

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