Free Native Salesforce App to Auto-Associate Opportunity Contact Roles Contact Role is a free app available on the Salesforce AppExchange that enables you to auto-associate Contacts to Opportunities via Contact Roles using the Tasks, Events, and Campaigns logged on a Contact.

How it Works Contact Role leverages touchpoints - Tasks, Events and Campaigns - already logged in Salesforce to automatically associate Contacts to Opportunities via the Contact Role.


Create a Contact Role Auto Association Rule

A Contact Role Association Rule is a let of criteria you define to generate pinpoint accuracy on the Contact Roles that are auto-associated.

Choose to Run on a Task, Event or Campaign

Configure your Contact Role Association Rule to run on a Task (ie inbound email logged via Outreach/SalesLoft), an Event (ie meeting booked via Chili Piper), or a Campaign (ie demo request).

Define Criteria on Task/Event/Campaign Member, Contact, and Opportunity

You have the ultimate control on how Contact Roles get associated. You can define criteria on Task/Event/Campaign Member, the Contact, and the Opportunity.

Select a Contact Role to Set

Every Contact Role Association Rule is tied to a specific Contact Role, so you can define specific criteria for "Decision Maker", "Influencer", "Executive Sponsor", "Evaluator", etc.

Create Another Rule Repeating Steps 1-4 Contact Role enables you to create as many Contact Role Association Rules as you need and even set the priority of the order that they execute.

Schedule it to Run

Once everything is configured, you can run the auto-association jobs manually or schedule them to run in the background on auto-pilot.
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Simple, Effective Auto-Association of Contact Roles Contact Role has all the features you need with the simplicity you require.

Fully Configurable Dynamic Rules

Admins have full control of Task/Event/Campaign Member, Contact, and Opportunity criteria.

Task, Event and Campaign Support

Use logged Task, Event, and Campaign Member records to auto-associate Contact Roles.

Scheduled Updates

Schedule Contact Role to run in the background at a preferred recurring start time each day.

Robust Reporting

Pre-built dashboard to view the number of associations by date, rule, etc.

Full Transparency

View a list of auto-associations, date/time, and the rule that associated them.

Association Removals & Overrides

Easily remove an auto-associated Contact Role and prevent it from associating again.

Salsforce AppExchange

100% Native Salesforce Application Contact Role is a 100% Native Salesforce application available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Why is does this matter?

Keep it Free
Yes! Being a native app means we can keep it free. No limits. No upsells. No "gotchas".
Seamless Integrations
The app leverages Tasks, Events and Campaigns, which means it'll integrate with every tool in your tech stack.
Familiar Functionality
Native Salesforce means leveraging Salesforce functionality you already know and love.
Data Security
Your Salesforce data isn't transmitted or stored. Data stays in Salesforce - a win for your security team!
No Data Syncs
Being a native Salesforce app it means there is no complex syncing or data mapping.
No API Calls
Since your data stays in Salesforce, it means no API calls so you don't have to worry about hitting limits.

Why Our Solution is

Loved by Everyone Contact Role is a simple, intuitive solution that does exactly what you need it to do and nothing more.

It's 100% Free

Who doesn't love free? The app is 100% free. No limitations. No upsells. No "gotchas".

Native Salesforce

We built the functionality everyone wishes already existed natively in Salesforce.

Set it and Forget it

Once your association rules are configured the app will simply do its thing in the background.

Solves a Massive Problem

Not having Contact Roles on Opps causes many downstream problems with forecasting, attribution, renewals, etc.

Be a Hero for Sales

Sales teams HATE adding contacts to opportunities. Take this tedious task off their plate.

It Just Works

Reliable, accurate auto-association of contact roles in Salesforce.


We believe in simple, transparent pricing. Contact Role

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What's included

  • Organization-wide license
  • Unlimited rules to auto-associate contact roles
  • Onboarding & support