Simple, Yet Powerful Lead-to-Account Matching For Salesforce

We craft simple, intuitive Salesforce applications to help B2B RevOps teams support sales and marketing with scalable, predictable growth.

Lead-to-Account Matching


A Complete, All-in-One Lead-to-Account Solution Lead-to-Account has all the features you need with the simplicity you require.

Multi-Domain Support

Match Leads off of multiple email domains on a single Account.

Real-Time Matching

Match and route Leads instantly when they are created in Salesforce.

Dynamic Lead Routing

Dynamically update ownership of Leads based off of the ownership on the matched Accounts.

Advanced Suppression

Prevent Leads from matching Accounts without pre-populated advanced suppression list.

Configurable Scheduling

Schedule to run in your environment to match your internal processes and needs.

Geography-Based Matching

For companies with multiple Accounts in Salesforce, get granular matching with geo-based matching.

Retroactively Match Leads

Match existing Leads to newly created Accounts on a scheduled timeline.

Auto-Convert Leads

Automatically convert matched Leads to Contacts to keep Salesforce data super clean.

Merge Duplicates on Conversion

Automatically merge a duplicate Lead into an existing Contact on auto-conversion.

Custom Converted Status

Set a custom converted status for all auto-converted Leads.

Lead Assignment Rule Integration

Seamlessly integrate matched Lead routing with your existing lead assignment rules in Salesforce.

Lead and Contact Owner Realignment

Always maintain perfect ownership alignment between Leads, Contacts, and Account.

Salsforce AppExchange

100% Native Salesforce Application Lead-to-Account is a 100% Native Salesforce application available on the Salesforce AppExchange. Why is does this matter?

Being native Salesforce is the only way to achieve instant matching and routing.
Native Salesforce means leveraging Salesforce functionality you already know and love.
Unlimited Users
We don't charge per user login. Anyone with a Salesforce license has access.
Data Security
Your Salesforce data isn't transmitted or stored. Data stays in Salesforce - a win for your security team!
No Data Syncs
Being a native Salesforce app it means there is no complex syncing or data mapping.
No API Calls
Since your data stays in Salesforce, it means no API calls so you don't have to worry about hitting limits.

Why Our Solution is

Loved by Everyone Lead-to-Account is a simple, intuitive solution that does exactly what you need it to do and nothing more.

Native Salesforce

We built the functionality everyone wishes already existed natively in Salesforce.

2 Hour Implemention

Install and configure in hours - not weeks or months.

Try Before You Buy

We are so confident you'll love our app we provide a trial of the full version of our software.

Effortless Management

Easy to implement and effortless to manage on a day-to-day basis.

Easy Delegation

Once implemented it is easy to hand-off to a junior admin, intern, etc.

Instantaneous Matching and Routing

Leads are matched and routed instantaneously in real-time.

Affordable, No-Brainer Pricing

Unlimited, org-wide license for less than one user license of Salesforce.

It Just Works

Instant, real-time matching and routing you can count on.

Trusted by The Fastest Growing Companies

We are proud and honored to have the following companies as our customers.

Abnormal Security
Wolters Kluwer

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