New Feature Introducing Lead-to-Account "Realign"

One of the biggest challenges for Salesforce admins is keeping lead, contact, and account ownership accurate across their entire Salesforce environment. This is challenging because sales reps are constantly changing territories, changing roles, and new reps are being hired and/or leaving the company. Adding additional complexity, there are hand-off points within the lifecycle of an account (ie SDR -> AE, AE - > CS, AE -> SDR) where ownership should be updated.

Why is this important? If your ownership isn't accurate, it will impact the productivity of your sales team. Leads will get routed to the wrong sales reps, reps will waste time confirming ownership, and marketing leads and re-engagement notifications will slip through the cracks. Overall, it means your sales and marketing teams will not be executing a peak efficiency.

Why Lead-to-Account "Realign" is a game changer Lead-to-Account "Realign" will ensure every lead, contact, and account in Salesforce is always owned by the right sales reps. As account ownership and/or lead assignment rules change, will "realign" all ownership.

Here's how it works...

Matched Lead Owner Realign Lead-to-Account will have already matched leads to accounts. So when an account owner changes, will ensure the matched lead ownership is also updated to align to the current account owner.


Unmatched Lead Owner Realign

For leads that are unmatched in Salesforce, if lead assignment rules change, will re-run lead assignment rules against your existing unmatched leads ensuring they are assigned properly.


Contact Owner Realign

As account ownership changes, will ensure contacts on the account also have their ownership updated to match the account ownership.


Answers to your questions

Does Lead-to-Account "Realign" only work with the standard Account Owner field or can I use a custom User look-up field on the Account?

You can use Account Owner or a customer User look-up field. This is updated in Lead-to-Account's Custom Settings.

Do I have control over which leads/contacts get "realigned"?

Yes, you can specify a "WHERE" clause so that only specific leads/contacts get updated. For example, if an SDR/BDR is currently following up with a lead/contact, you might choose not to "realign" the ownership until they are done with their sequence.

When will this feature be released? Lead-to-Account "Realign" is currently available in v1.2. If you are an existing customer, upgrade the app to get access.

Is there additional documentation?

Yes, visit Lead-to-Account Documentation for technical documentation.

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