Advanced Config Lead-to-Account

  • WHERE Clause for Auto-Conversion


    The "WHERE Clause for Auto-Conversion" feature enables the ability to auto-convert only a subset of your Leads that are matched to an Account.

    The feature works by enabling you to write the "WHERE" portion of a SOQL query on Lead.

    What are some use cases with examples?

    1. Only auto-convert Leads that match to Accounts where "Type" equals "Customer" or "Partner"
      1. (algnlta__Matched_Account__r.Type = 'Customer' OR algnlta__Matched_Account__r.Type = 'Partner')
    2. Only auto-convert Leads that sales is actively working
      1. LastActivityDate = LAST_N_DAYS:7
    3. Only auto-convert Leads that match our "Ideal Persona" where "Ideal Persona" is a checkbox formula field
      1. Ideal_Persona__c = TRUE

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